Why trust your old friends around town to clean stuff?

There are instances when you try to look for a company than can clean the carpets and rugs found in your home only for the search results to display companies not even close to your area. It really can be frustrating to check the results when you just limit the keywords to “carpet cleaning”. Maybe your PC or laptop hasn’t identified your location yet?

But why would you rather have locals service your needs? Because sometimes, you end up meeting someone around town that turned out to be a familiar face. Someone that you haven’t seen since you attended your last prom night. (That memory felt like forever.) And you only found a reason to reconnect because he happened to be working in a cleaning company that caters to carpets, rugs and related items for cleaning.

Is it embarrassing to have an old friend do these things for you? No. Of course not. It is embarrassing to ask a favor from them and not give them anything in return for whatever that favor may be. Remember that while it’s been ages since you saw them (in case more than one old acquaintance happened to work in the same cleaning company), they are professionals now. And you would rather have the cleaning chores outsourced to professionals, right? You can click here to learn more about professional services.


Because here you are, trying to maintain the household only to come up short with the cleaning tasks. And you are scared as crap to clean the carpets, rugs and upholstery yourself. Either because you have never done it before or you have done it before resulting to some nasty discoloration on the carpet. Knowing how such items could only be bought in some exotic tourism destinations like Uzbekistan (the Uzbeks weave high quality silk carpets and rugs), you want to make it a point that such items are taken care of hoping mistakes as mentioned won’t happen again.

And it’s been awhile since you talked to them. At least you now have an excuse to talk to them.

Who else would help you with your personal needs but people that were once close to you? Or at least, folks that have an idea who you are. They would have this thought bubble lurking above their heads saying, “She was once our school mate. What better way to reconnect with her but by helping her clean her carpets?” You might even get a friendly discount in return.

Discounts or what-not, choosing local services to handle the carpet cleaning tasks at home is highly recommended. The worst case scenario is them ruining your carpet. Maybe worse than what happened before. But still, in case something goes wrong, you know where to look for them. Then again, if they succeeded in getting those rugs cleaned up, once you start referring them to family and friends, the latter won’t view it as a favor done for friends but a notable recommendation given by a satisfied customer.

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