How to Hire The Right Moving Company?

The YouTube clip about that guy surreptitiously recording on video the moving crew in charge of his piano moving may be more than a year old by now. But it has served as one of the most concrete pieces of evidence of how hiring the wrong moving company to box your valuables can lead to broken heirloom items, especially valuable and expensive items such as pianos.  So using a said example, how can you tell that you’re hiring the right moving company?

  • They knew what the word “fragile” means.

It would sound a little racist sometimes to demand workers to know basic English. But what if basic English learned does not include the word “fragile”? Would they have the common sense to know that certain items in boxes bearing that label needed extra care and proper handling? If you have participated or at least helped in a moving effort, you will not even dare drop a box carrying personal valuables out of fear of breaking anything in it. What more if it’s labeled “fragile”? So as long as that word is understood in its naked definition, then a moving company can get a task this basic.

  • They have men in the trailer itself.

A typical truck in a moving company would have at least 2 men on board – the driver and that guy in the trailer ready to help you carry the bigger boxes. Some moving companies such as this team in Chula Vista: have at least one man in the trailer itself to keep an eye on the boxes, making sure that they are arranged close enough to each other without risk of getting smashed into one another. This brings this article immediately to the next point.

  • They have items ready to wrap the fragile items before putting them in boxes.

The ideal moving company has a ready stash of bubble wrap, blankets and other forms of box filler ready to take the brunt of the movement boxes go through when placed side by side in the trailer. Sometimes, it’s just cloth basic enough to wrap the breakables like figurines, dishes and other pieces of family heirlooms in a layered way. The layer is thick enough to absorb the pressure or impact that a box might receive mid-transit and avoid any cracks to form on the surface of the breakable item.

  • They knew basic steps in dismantling or assembling the bigger items needed to be moved.

There is a reason why some families or enterprises would prefer a moving company trained in basic assembly. There are moving companies blunt enough to admit that they have a crew on the team that earned certification from Ikea. That level of assembling skills earned mean that they knew what to do with the bed if it needed to be dismantled first before putting the spare parts in the big box. They will know as well how to put the thing back together upon reaching the bedroom in the new home.

Moving out should not be stressful. But planning ahead is best started by picking the right moving company to hire. Most movers have the right quotation for you to check out to avoid getting shocked with hidden charges simply because you lost track of the number of boxes and layers of bubble wrap used in packing stuff. All that is left for you to do then is to enjoy the journey.


Why trust your old friends around town to clean stuff?

There are instances when you try to look for a company than can clean the carpets and rugs found in your home only for the search results to display companies not even close to your area. It really can be frustrating to check the results when you just limit the keywords to “carpet cleaning”. Maybe your PC or laptop hasn’t identified your location yet?

But why would you rather have locals service your needs? Because sometimes, you end up meeting someone around town that turned out to be a familiar face. Someone that you haven’t seen since you attended your last prom night. (That memory felt like forever.) And you only found a reason to reconnect because he happened to be working in a cleaning company that caters to carpets, rugs and related items for cleaning.

Is it embarrassing to have an old friend do these things for you? No. Of course not. It is embarrassing to ask a favor from them and not give them anything in return for whatever that favor may be. Remember that while it’s been ages since you saw them (in case more than one old acquaintance happened to work in the same cleaning company), they are professionals now. And you would rather have the cleaning chores outsourced to professionals, right? You can click here to learn more about professional services. (more…)


DIY Window Cleaning Tips

Hiring window cleaning services as early as in the fall season meant bracing your home for the worst. Winter is coming and you don’t need to be in Westeros to realize that. (On the other hand, they don’t have glass window panes in any of those seven kingdoms.)

Whether it is residential window cleaning or commercial window cleaning, there are window cleaning services out there where you can outsource the task. It is a lot more recommended to do the latter if you live in a condominium unit. Otherwise, these tips from a professional window cleaner will help you maximize cleaning tools at home for a DIY version of window cleaning services.

Note: DIY window cleaning is done from the outside.


  1. You can get by with a foam sponge or scrub towels with a spray bottle containing a mixture of water and liquid soap. A laundry detergent of your choice would also work based on which product has served you best in the laundry room.


  1. Spritz your foam sponge twice with the detergent solution using the bottle with a spray nozzle. Let it bubble by squeezing it lightly before scrubbing the window pane with it. A soft squeeze while scrubbing helps in spreading the solution on the pane.


  1. Rinse using water from the pail close to where you stand in front of the window pane outside of the house. Using a water hose is okay. But you can’t monitor the amount emitted well compared to using a bucket and a pail.


  1. Dry using a terry cloth once the bubbles are gone. Wiping off side-to-side lets you see any residue that needs to be removed.


The right way to clean windows often involves basic tools found in the household. But a more thorough cleaning calls for a professional approach. This often includes a way to clean even the gutters.

You can learn more about window cleaning and pressure washing services at These guys are consisting of a team of window cleaning professionals, where each person handle a one-man show needed to get the cleaning tasks accomplished.

Getting the filth and grime removed along with the dirt that basic detergent mix could no longer handle calls for the kind of tools and equipment known for professional cleaners to use. You can view a list of window cleaning services that could possibly match your needs. Either way,  DIY is very affected if done properly.